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Members Network @ Montessorian World.
Established to advance the tradition of Montessori Teaching Method for children education and beyond onto total development of a person. It acts as a cooperative platform for the all Montessorians and friends and for the promotion of Montessorian World Education and Fellowship.

The Montessorian World Education Network

The Education Network serves as an activity hub for the global community through its continual research and development efforts, delivery of quality learning programmes, goodwill exchanges & fellowship, provision for job and business development opportunities; services for trainers & educators, schools and service providers under one cooperative resource platform

The Network aims to accomplish its mission by creating a brand benefit of Montessorian World Education, maintaining its vitality & quality as well as ensuring credible operation of its members within the Montessorian World's networked communities.

Together and with
all at Montessorian World, we endeavour to be :
The Gatekeeper of Montessorian Quality Education
The Promoter of Montessorian Service Excellence
- Dr AT Ong, Founder, Montessorian World International

One Cooperative Resource Management System.
The Learning Network for business and professional improvement.

One Global Learning Network
Cooperative & Development Opportunities for teachers, trainers and educators
Community Hosts and Education Hosts needed for qualitative growth worldwide.
If you share our vision & mission, you are welcome to be part of our Learning Network. Contact Us

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The dedicated Montessori Education Portal in Asia.

Montessori Academy China
Chinese version Under development.

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Becoming Montessorian is an authorised Education & Membership programme of Montessorian World International. Uniquely Structured with Learning Pathway and Development Opportunities.


Global Learning Network

Montessorian World - One Global Learning Network
Connecting the Montessorian Communities, Education Hosts and Friends Worldwide
Educators & Trainers, Community & Education Hosts wantedby country / city location.

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